Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Absolute Path: Path from root or drive is called Absolute path or Complete path. In Linux it started as / .
Device Driver: Small programs that allow the operating system to interact with hardware devices, such as disk drives, video cards and printers.
PCMCIA: Personal Computer Memory Card International Association is a small card attached with PC for wireless connectivity and other features.
Relative Path: A path from current directory. for e.g. in linux it is showed as ./ .
Router: A device which connects two networks.IP packets are sent to one network, if the destination not present in that network than it is passed to other network.
IETF: Internet Engineering task force tells about the requirements in protocol.
TIMERS: Timers are mainly required to invoke specific periodic functions called restransmissions, Delayed acknowledgement or round trip time.
Round Trip Time: After sending packet the sender times how much time it take to get acked.if failed to get ack. Stack increses RTO( Retransmission time out).further after increasing RTO if we won't get any ack,RTO is increased again this process of increasing RTO for retransmission is called back-off.
VSSC: Vikram Sarabhai Space Center at Tiruvanthapuram is responsible for the launch vehicles.

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